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AC Service

A faulty AC can lead to health problems and your Mental stress high. Contact us for

  • AC Wet Servicing
  • AC Deep Cleaning
  • PCB Repair
  • AC Gas Charging
  • AC Installation / Removal

We willl take care of all common problems like

  • AC won’t turn on
  • Weird noises coming from AC
  • Compressor won’t work though the fan is on
  • AC is leaking
  • Unit blowing warm air

and also provide complete service for complex problems as well


Service Key Repairs with over 10 years of experience specialises in home refrigerator and freezer repairs

Save on service cost and save from food getting spoilt in your fridge and freezer, Contact us for :

  • No Cooling or Slow cooling
  • Smell in fridge
  • Deforsting problems
  • Complex problems like faulty compresser, Gas charging, Coil replacement and others

Washing Machine

Our team of highly skilled technicians is equipped for washing machine services and washing machine repairs for all major brands.

When you reach out to our Service Technician, you know that we can help you with any issue you might be experiencing, such as:

  • Machine not switching on
  • Water not filling,improper draining of water, leakage>
  • Excess Vibration
  • Faulty Electronics
  • Others


Service Key offers professional support and services for top name brand LED TV repair needs. Service Key experts provide quality solutions to meet your every need.

Contact us for

  • Broken Panel
  • Colour problems
  • Audio Problems
  • Power issues
  • Faulty Electronics

RO Water Purifier

Quench your thrist, stay healthy and save money by having your RO work at its best

Give us a call and we will provide serice at your home

  • Regular maintenance service
  • Filter change
  • Motor and electronic issues


Be it to try new recepies or warm your food Microwaves are the best and offer ease of use. A faulty Oven can leave in distruss and make you run around to heat food over Gas stove and leave you more cleaning work

Keep your Ovens like new and seek service for all brands from our experienced service engineers

  • Regular Maintenance
  • No Heating
  • Panel issues
  • Turntable issues